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Thursday, February 11, 2010


sun kissed skin
yellow leaves that dance
"good morning"
i look out of my window
i'm not pretending or trying to be positive,
but i'm speaking the truth
don't you see?
the world looks so beautiful
yes,i think it will be alright
after all,


  1. This is how I feel some mornings.
    Some mornings I'm just like, screw it.

    P.S. I'm making a blogger account today.

  2. what a wonderful thing to read when you just wake up

  3. Hey!
    I made a blog! I'm the same person as abby_kayye. I'm following you. My picture is the one of the couple laying in the forest. I'm the first one on your list.
    Will you follow me? :)

  4. hi :) thanks for following my blog :)

    and about this post - this is how I feel in the mornings...too bad I can't go on like this for the whole day :)

  5. Thats nice and refreshing. I love it.

  6. Very nice and what a beautiful picture. : )

  7. Everyday should start like this, (they don't) but every day should =)


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