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Friday, February 5, 2010

Waiting For The Call

To start things off,let me just say that,I'm really glad that today is Friday,like finally!

I went out with Charlene. Did,I told you guys she transferred? Well,she transferred about a month ago,and we had already planned to go out this Friday. Eventually, went window shopping in our school uniforms. There were quite a few nice things,that I really wanted to buy,but I was short of cash,but I didn't really mind,'cause I'm planning to visit the store again with Mom and Dad,so that they could pay for what I wanted.

I wanted to grab a bit with her at some fast food outlet,but it was getting late,and the both of us were so sleepy,so we just went our separate ways and headed home.

I checked out in the backpack that I was saving up for (still saving though),and I guess I was rather unlucky because the sales person said the size that I wanted was OUT OF STOCK! I was like,are you kidding me?? It obvious that most people don't seem to understand how critical this situation is,because I HAVE,HAVE,HAVE to get a new bag,because unfortunately the old one failed on me,its already fucking torn.And I want that bag,I just can't see myself going to school not wearing it this year,I fell in love with it from the first time I saw it. I gave the sales person my number so that she could call me when the stock has arrive. And she better call me,because I just can't stand lying sales person,who says they'll call but then they never even bother too. I guess I'm gonna have to keep my phone close to me at all times.

I have NO HOMEWORK for this weekend,way cool :) This means,that I can spend more time on my letter,I'm gonna finish it off this weekend.

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  1. It sounds like you had a pleasant Friday.
    I'm so glad it's Friday.
    I'm over bitchy teachers.
    Ugh salespeople.
    Ugh, that just reminded me, I have 10 pages of science to do.
    Just kill me now.


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