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Sunday, February 21, 2010

You said, "I won't make it a million times" but hey, you made it every time

Its the start of a new week tomorrow and I guess most of us needs a little motivation to help us get started. Do you have a any good quotes?
I've decided that from now on,I'll go home straight after all my classes have ended. Because,I don't see any point at all for me to hang around in school for no relevant reason. Besides, I don't wait for anyone in particular neither does anyone waits for me,my after-class activity is only once a week and its much more peaceful at home than it is in school. So I thought I rather go home where I have things that could satisfy my needs.
I have quite a no. of follwers. I really wanna thankyouthankyouthankyou every single one of you. It really means alot. I owe you guys. :D


  1. I've never seen any point in staying in school after classes, but I'm not good at going there at all so I guess I shouldn't really make a statement about it. Anyhow, that picture is awesome.

  2. Yeah, I hate hanging around after school, I just want to go home and get away from all of the ass holes.
    Cool pic by the way.
    Oh, and it's hard NOT to follow you. Your blog is awesome, and so are you!

  3. I don't hang around school either, I like going straight home so I can get things done.
    ps - like abby said, its hard not to follow your blog, I really like it :)

  4. I've got only one good quote: "This is your life. Let's do something interesting with it" - Claire Colburn (she's a character from the movie "Elizabethtown" and even though it may seem stupid to quote fictional characters, I find this line really motivating.) And - just like someone in other comment said - it's difficult NOT to follow this blog :)

  5. Through my first years in high school, I never went home immediately. But, as the familiarity between people grew, I would run home after my classes. I wasn't interested in the gossiping most of the people did after school.

  6. Hey, I really like your blog! It's so interesting and the layout is different from anything I've seen before (in a good way.) I hope you don't mind if i visit!

  7. Congrats on the 100!
    I hate hanging around at school after classes - it's school. I hate school. :P
    If you want some quotes, just go to my blog and click the "quotes" label. I have a lot. Hope you have a great week!

    xx Blaize.

  8. Nice picture. Yeah, words to live by.

  9. Congrats to you too ^^ thanks for commenting =)


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