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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't Be Stupid,Do Your Work

I survived P.E today. Frisbee was okay,it didn't turned out bad as I expected it will be. I guess I think things too much. :/ As always,I suck at games. So when my friends were about to throw the frisbee to me,I was like, "No,no,no,don't!" Which means throughout the game,I only managed to get hold of the frisbee as little as possible. But it didn't really make any difference because our team still lose. But nevertheless,I didn't regret playing. I thought it was goddamn fun!

I couldn't decide on whether I should go for my after-class activity. I was just feeling lazy. I didn't attend last week,and to be honest,I didn't want to go for this week's either. Its like you'd say, "Oh,I think I'm not gonna go for it today,just because..but I promise I'll be back next week" to be honest,you'll never come back. You eventually feel lazy and will make it a habit skipping the damn class every week. I almost did that today. But I forced myself to go. Once I was there,I had to do all the work by myself because all the some people thought they were too cool, and they were lazy enough to not do it. I hate when that happens.

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  1. I'm glad you tried the experience.
    Don't worry, I suck at frisbee too. Lol


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