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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello,I Miss You Everyday

No one will love you like I would,if you let me. It's a strange occurrence,this feeling,that's arisen in me. I can't seem to place it nor could I explain it. It's unfamiliar,but all too familiar. A ghost of a feeling. I must have felt this in a past life. Sunlight creeps through my windows,as the morning goes on,I look out the window and wonder if you're thinking of me.

Mom and Dad are out,so I'm only accompanied by these four walls. I keep the faucet running in my empty house,so I feel a little less alone. I watch the light bend on the walls and count the minutes until I fall asleep. All this meaningless thoughts about you is making me feel a little weak.

In school,I walked silently back to class. Hands clutched tightly onto the handle of my shoulder bag. My mind was as if it was a whirlwind,I thought things through. I see you almost everyday,and I frequently tell myself that I'm over you,I don't want you. But even if I convince myself a millionth time,the thing that I feel for you won't disappear,it won't go away. I sank into grief sorrows as this pathetic,painful cycle of mine continues;

I look,I watch,I stare,I helplessly fall for you all over again.

I'm sick of this,I'm sick of this shit.

I guess it can't be help,I'm just a hopeless romantic.
A sucker for love,bitch.


  1. Oh that image is fantastic! I love it!

    Hope you having a lovely weekend, cheers: Evi

  2. " It's unfamiliar,but all too familiar."

    I can relate to that. Very nicely done. (:

  3. Love the pic. It looks like a carving, which is disturbing & powerful.

  4. Thank u sooo much for your sweet comment!!!!
    Nice post btw and i love your blog!!!

  5. Great pictures, you always come out with such good ones...

  6. Great post! I actually could feel the pain. Oh, and I loved the picture!

  7. And yet another post on your blog that not only can I totally relate to, but - I wouldn't find better words to describe this feeling. I know it all to well. (but think about it: isn't it better to be helpless romantic than - completely unromantic cynic? :) )

    (and thanks for that comment on my 'breakuppost', it means a lot xD)


  8. I can't stop stalking your blog! This post is amazing. I think almost everybody can relate to it.

  9. thank you for your comment on my blog about my random photos, I love taking random photos! I also like you pic!

  10. Hi there,

    Thank you for passing by and leaving such a sweet comment! I really appreciate it.

    After reading this, I hope you are well!

    Sophie x

  11. give yourself time to grow. those butterfly wings will sprout sooner or later... and thank you for visiting me.


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