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Monday, February 1, 2010

I'll Throw a Frisbee Tomorrow :B

Looking back at my comments on my previous,I think I've decided to go ahead and play frisbee tomorrow in P.E. Thanks for all the encouragement guys :D

I won't be writing about school,today because it was so damn boring! I hope yall had an unboring and much more interesting day then I did.

I can't believe its already February. I'm beginning to cross out the days on the calender again. Not that I'm looking forward to anything special,just that I feel the like crossing them without any relevant reason whatsoever.

I'm still working on the letter for my Mom's friend that I told you about,I have no idea how am I suppose to decorate the front cover.

I'm so tired and sleepy right now,which causes me to feel very lazy to do my homework. :/

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  1. Ah I know how you feel about the calendar thing.
    In my planner is a calendar. When I miss marking a few days out, & then I come back to it a few days later I get all excited because I get to mark, like, 4 days out. I don't know why. Maybe I just want the weekend to come?
    I hate days when I'm too lazy to do homework.
    Hope frisbee goes well! :)


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