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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm Not Just "Something",I Swear I Have Feelings.

i Everybody loves me. Oh,of course they do. I'm great to have a round as long as they don't have anything better to do. Most people hang around me,but after like fucking 2 minutes they happily desert me. They don't desert me because they're so stupid,it's not even because they're mean(some of them aren't) Its because I'm the kind of person people forget,that's why. I just might as well not even exist. I'm not the kind of person people fight for,popular girls fight for,I'm not really what boys want. I'm just sort of an extra. I'm boring. I'm useless. I'm a nobody. I might as well just sit here the rest of my life. Alone. In the gutter.

(I'm gonna feel this one tomorrow,and the next day,and the next day...)

Yeah,maybe I should. Its alot safer that way.



  2. This feeling won't last forever, no matter how much you think it will.
    I can't abandon this blog, let alone you, lol.

  3. Every person feels like they don’t fit in at some point. It's one of those human experiences everyone must endure :( Life is difficult sometimes, and with all of things that happen to us, it's definitely not uncommon to feel that way. So you are not alone.

    But it’s a lot easier to start a relationship with one person than trying to fit into the group. Having a friend who understands you and accepts you as you are is more important than being admired by a lot of people or being in the "in" crowd.


  4. Having a bad day? I'm not gonna bullshit you,none of us fit in...we all just pretend we do ^^) Pretending can be fun though!

  5. "Its because I'm the kind of person people forget,that's why." - this sentence made me suspect that you're some kind of a super-spy who found out my darkest thoughts and posts them in this blog ^___^ No, seriously: whenever I read your blog, I'm amazed. (I should've started following it long ago...)

    But, please, don't say you're useless or a nobody. No one is useless, even though it's such a terrible cliche. And we are all nobodies, with no exception, I guess :)

    This feeling, it will go away, eventually.

  6. Aww you shouldn't feel that way at all! If it makes you feel better, I'm exactly the same - but worse.
    And to brighten your day, I've given you an award on my blog!


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