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Friday, February 19, 2010

Too Many Lies

Finally,its Friday. I can let lose a little. School has been keeping me busy the past three days,and I'm really glad it didn't gave me any problems. But I can't help but feel worried about something. I don't know what or why. I think its just me. I have this tendency to get anxious about something that's nothing at all. It drives me crazy sometimes.

I bought a new purse without Mom's permission yesterday. I saw it the last time I went to that store,and from then on,I already had intended to get it. So I took out $4o from my piggy bank,and went to the store after school,to get it. I really like. It wasn't too expensive. Its this long rectangular purse,and it has like little pink flowers on it. I feel quite guilty not telling Mom about it. But if I did,she wouldn't have let me have it,even if I said I was using my money. She says I already have many purse that were still in good use. Which was true. This isn't the first time I lied to her,previously,I've bought things without her permission or her knowing,then when she finally realises it,I'd lie again and tell her that it was one of my friends who gave it to me as a random gift,and she believes it. I know,I can get far too carried away with money sometimes. But Mom kinda left me with no other choice. And I have no self-control.Now,I still ned to decide what I should do with all my other still good-in-use purse.


Remember the post that I wrote a couple of days ago,about my friend who was dating this two-timing douche?

We'll they've broken up. But the sad thing is it wasn't about him two-timing her.,she still doesn't know about that.

He broke up with her on Valentines Day,it was through text message.

He texted her saying that he still had feelings for his "ex-girlfriend" .(When the truth was,the "ex-girlfriend" was actually the girl he was still seeing)
So,my friend questioned him,why did he wanted to date her when he was still chasing after his "ex".
And here comes the sad part,I have this feeling that somehow its true.
He told her that it was out of pity. He dated her because he didn't want her to feel rejected,he felt so sorry for her.
After hearing that from him,she broke into tears.


  1. What a douche. I also hate when girls keep going back out with the guy that broke their heart, it drives me INSANE!!!!!!
    I have no self-control either when it comes to buying things. My mom doesn't care what I buy, as long as it's my money.
    Happy weekend! :)

  2. I have to lie to my mum all the time about what I buy, or how much something was. I brought a $110 skirt, and said it was $80. Or I say my friend sold it to me really cheap. It gets a bit compulsive.

    Also that guy sounds gross!

    Love Battle xxx

  3. omg so sad about how that guy treated your friend. She's better off without him.

    As far as money goes, it sounds like a nice purse but try to save some for a rainy day!


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