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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is This Cool/UnLoser Enough?

My alarm starts to ring and I know gotta get up out of bed,even though I'd rather stay here instead. Drag a comb through my hair I don't care that my hair is in a mess, cause today I'm not gonna worry about that.
Here's the plan, stay at home, after school,lock the doors,all alone.I don't want no company, cause I got my laptop and my MP3. Order in,throw the trash on the floor I don't care about the mess, cause today I'm trying hard to forget.
I wanna be somebody else, cause I'm getting tired of myself

Wanna waste the day,so hold all my calls,gonna show up late if I show up at all.
Need some time to crash,so I'll try not to take it personally,
Blame it on the loser in me.

I just need sometime then I'll be alright,let me hide away from my so called life
cause I lose my head every now and then,and I feel just like its happened again
Blame it on the loser in me.

And tomorrow,I have two friggin test,but I'm still sitting up here,not getting my facts right.

Blame it on the loser in me.


  1. Oh gosh!There are so many times I feel like that.That I'm bored and tired of everything and I wanna change everything in my life.So I'm just counting elephants at school until the bell rings to go home and be alone!

  2. wow!! you wrote this so well!!

  3. Yes, that sounds like a poem/song.
    I feel like this sometimes.
    Just know, you won't feel this way forever.

  4. Totally sounds like a song. ; ) I love your blog!

  5. haha very excellent. love it!

  6. Life totally sucks sometimes.
    I get that.

  7. Some days you just need to hide away - it's good for your sanity! :)

  8. wow...this is exaclty how I feel sometimes (and - way too often...). Good to know I'm not the only one.

    ps. this is really INSPIRING blog! :)


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