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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Loved You Yesterday

I feel so content today. Seriously. I've got a few things to tell you wonderful readers;
First off,

1) I didn't attend P.E class because I just didn't feel like playing. They played frisbee again. I have to say that I miss out on the fun. But whatever.
2) I pass my Accounts and Chemistry test. I felt so relief after looking at the score. I passed when I thought I would fail. I guess I think too much. Another reason as to why I'm glad is because,at least I'll feel less guilty whenever I spend my time on the computer all day without even bothering to revise what has been taught on that day.
3) I am worried for my Physics and Math. I tend to forget the formulas. Damn!
4) I didn't attend my after-school activity. I felt so lazy today. :( But never mind,I'll go some other day. Besides,its not really that serious. I guess. :\

The final thing that I wanna say out is;

Yup,I got over that guy I was crushing on.

Why all of a sudden?

I realised that I was wasting my time and I figured that there was more exciting things to life. I don't want to be so caught up in someone who doesn't even give a shit about you.
And I surprisingly,I don't feel upset at all. I've got other exciting things that I'm looking forward to.
So,now,he can flirt with any girl he wants,and girls can go crazy over him. Whatever,I don't give a damn.

Besides,I've got other things to focus on. I want my dream of becoming a successful journalist to come true,now,THAT would be a Fairytale to me.

So,I'm closing this damn book of mine of helplessly falling in love with someone,and I hope I won't have to write another sequel for a long from now.

(But this won't stop me from posting quotes. And I'm a hopeless romantic still)

I look,I watch,I stare,and I helplessly fall for you all over again.

I thought "What the fuck was I doing?!"


    Oh, and I posted the name of that song and a link to the video is on my blog.

  2. Awesome Nabilah!!!
    Now, I have to do the same, and say FUCK him!!!!


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