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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We're MUCH More Hotter & Smarter Than You!! HA! ;D

even someone as cool as Hayley wants to wear glasses too!
She agrees they're cool! :o


  1. Yeah glasses seem to be the in thing. Many of the students at the college where my husband works don't need glasses but wear them anyway with the lens removed.

  2. I love glasses personally, as you can see in my recent post :)

  3. Girl nerds are hot, boy nerds not so much. But I could be wrong.

  4. My answear is: everything counts!

    And.. You look stunning!

  5. Why is it that just about every nerd wears glasses?
    I'm smart, but don't wear glasses, which means I'm dumb. o.O

  6. I love those glasses!

    thanks for your sweet comments, I really appreciate them!

  7. Haha I've worn glasses since the 3rd grade (when it wasn't "Cool"), and now everyone is wearing them, even if they don't need them.
    Ah life's a joke.


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